3 steps for a successful IT career

If you’re passionate about IT, take part in the 3rd edition of the “INSOFT INternship” Program which addresses students and master students from technical faculties
INSOFT Development&Consulting supports talented bachelors and master students, who are offered the chance to take part in the “INSOFT INternship” program. The internships last for 3 months and will be organized during June-Octomber 2014, every trainee being able to choose the period in which he/she wants to join the INSOFT team.
“We are always open for dialogue and interested in the students’ proposals, and we believe that their talent and enthusiasm for using technology represent an important advantage for INSOFT”, stated Cristian Aciubotăriței, CEO INSOFT Development&Consulting.
To apply the theoretical knowledge learned in college and to develop their personal and professional skills these are the 3 steps every student interested in following an IT career should follow:
1. Join the “INSOFT Internship” program, directly on the INSOFT website or within other events in which the company is involved in - “Stagii pe bune 2014” or “Cariere v3.0”;
2. Send a CV along with a short letter of intent, in which he/she should mention all the known technologies and the projects in which he/she was involved during college;
3. Participate in the interviews organized for selecting trainees and, in case of selection, get the most from the time spent at INSOFT and acquiring as much practical knowledge as possible.
“INSOFT INternship” program aims to familiarize bachelors and master students with the most modern IT solutions, applied practically. Therefore, trainees are integrated in the already existing teams and have the opportunity to interact with the everyday working environment, to gain experience in real projects. 
“It’s a win-win situation -INSOFT team gets a shot of energy and the trainees get the chance to gain real practical experience, which will help them in their future career. In our team youngsters with new ideas and innovative ways to apply them will always have a place and we already have a lot of trainees from previous years, who became highly appreciated employees within the company” added Cristian Aciubotăriței, CEO INSOFT Development&Consulting.
Carrying on the good collaboration with student associations and universities, INSOFT Development&Consulting also joined this year’s young talents recruitment programs – “Stagii pe bune 2014”- http://stagiipebune.ro/ and „Cariere v3.0” - http://www.as-mi.ro/cariere-v3-0/. Bachelors and master students from IT faculties who participate in the events organized within the two programs will also be able to join the internships opened by INSOFT.
Future members of INSOFT team will be selected following an evaluation process of the CVs and letters of intent. The internships, for which the young IT specialists can apply to, are the following: business analyst, PHP developer, implementation consultant, junior presales specialist, instructional designer, web developer, eContent developer, Java Web Developer.