5 years of performance in IT&C industry

The evolution of INSOFT Development & Consulting is characterized by three key elements: innovation, dynamism and vision. In the last 5 years, the INSOFT’s team has integrated complete systems, has developed innovative software products and has implemented numerous successful projects.
2013 meant for INSOFT Development & Consulting a step forward in the implementation of major projects and in strengthening the company’s position as a complete IT systems integrator. Over the past 12 months, the range of implemented projects was significantly diversified and the company also started the implementation of several EU-funded projects.
Due to the large number of implemented projects, the company registered an increased turnover and INSOFT had a constant evolution, despite the challenges it had to face on the IT&C market. Thus, after the results from 2012, when the company registered a tripling in sales up to 16.2 million euros, in 2013 the company managed to keep the upward growth trend and reached a turnover of 20.5 million euros.
The company's strategy focused on enhancing its capacity to continuously provide high quality software products and IT services based on the latest technologies. The R&D activities had an essential role in developing new solutions, and also contributed to the improvement of the existing products that are part of the company's portfolio.
Currently, INSOFT is implementing projects in Romania, Moldova, Ukraine and Slovakia. The expansion plan for 2014 aims at developing projects on new markets from Turkey and CIS.
Our results are based on a solid business strategy, focused on supporting our specialists in gaining valuable expertise and the consistent investments in R&D projects that helped us develop new competitive products at national and international level. All these elements led to the creation of an appropriate framework regarding our involvement in major projects with thousands of beneficiaries. These were the main factors which contributed decisively to the growth of the company”, said Cristian Aciubotăriței, CEO INSOFT Development & Consulting.
Another key element for the company’s expansion in 2013 was based on strengthening the INSOFT team, which includes young specialists, who are passionate about using the latest technology trends in their daily activities. To achieve the objectives set for 2014, we expect the INSOFT team to increase up to 200 IT specialists, until the end of the year.
”To be successful in the IT&C domain and to be capable of producing genuine innovation you need a fresh vision which must be supported by a considerable know-how. Thus, we increased the number of specialists that are part of the INSOFT’s team, and this allowed us to deliver more, better and faster at the same high-quality standards”, said Cosmin Zah, Executive Director INSOFT Development & Consulting.
In 2013, in recognition of the importance of the implemented projects and the outstanding business performance, INSOFT received several national and international awards, among which we can mention:
· 1st place in the "Rising Star" category –Deloitte Technology FAST 50 Central Europe 2013 –for the fastest-growing company at regional level;
·  Romanian Investors Forum 2013  –Award for recognition of merits in Innovation;
·  Best in Biz Awards EMEA 2013 –Bronze trophy for the most impressive business growth registered in 2012.
Innovation, strategic planning, the development of the product portfolio and the strengthening of partnerships will remain the key elements for INSOFT’s development strategy for 2014.