Announcement of the “ – CREVIS Pole of Competitiveness website” launching aims to be a source of up-to-date information about the CREVIS Pole of Competitiveness. The website will assure the promotion of the Pole and the increase in visibility of the performed activities, developed products and services, aiming to create new business or academic connections.

The concept of the website has been adapted to the intended objectives of the project and developed on a clear and easy to use by the general public structure. It is divided into several sections containing information about the Pole projects, information about the partners, as well as news and latest announcements. It will also include a photo gallery and video resources. Furthermore will assure the promotion and dissemination of the achieved results within the CREVIS Pole of Competitiveness implemented projects.

This way, the general public, as well as the targeted groups of the project, will have easy access to the information from the CREVIS Pole of Competitiveness.

The website provides the visibility of the accomplished activities and ensures the promotion of created innovative products (systems).The effect of the demarche shall be the increasing productivity of the pole and partner organizations by default, meeting the general objective of the Sectoral Operational Programme “Increase of Economic Competitiveness”.

About CREVIS Pole of Competitiveness

The CREVIS Pole of Competitiveness – is one of the main R&D projects developed in the region. CREVIS represents an ambitious collection of projects aiming to create the first Center of Excellence in Europe for the remote-monitoring, resource training, simulation, virtual and augmented-reality monitoring in the critical infrastructure sector, by mean of the immersive virtual reality.

The Pole of Competitiveness – CREVIS includes 7 projects, implemented by 13 partners: 11 SMEs and 2 Universities:

• 1 investment project;

• 4 Research - Development and Innovation projects, oriented towards the development of innovative products or services;

• 2 interlinked projects (soft) – integrated management and marketing/PR.

The CREVIS Pole of Competitiveness aims to increase the economic productivity in the critical infrastructures sector and related services, by creating a research & development center that will use innovative techniques of virtual and augmented reality, along with monitoring techniques to ensure the security and the maintenance of isolated targets of the critical infrastructures in Romania, training of the operating personnel in these objectives.

Furthermore, by using virtual and augmented reality, cutting-edge technology, along with real-time monitoring and communications software, a range of products and services for the critical infrastructures sector will be developed aiming to assist in providing security, remote maintenance, monitoring and personnel training.

More information about the project may be obtained by visiting the website:, or by sending an e-mail to: