BLINK is a complete integrated educational management solution that supports the improvement of the quality of the educational system. BLINK represents a centralized source of complete and accurate data, supporting the management of schools and the educational system.
BLINK offers its users functionalities for:

  • Management of the school unit’s structure (levels of education, specializations, and subjects). Users can dynamically manage, directly through the interface, all the tables of specializations as well as the curriculum at school’s decision, according to the approved methodological norms;
  • Management of the teaching personnel and their activity within the school unit;
  • Management of the pupil’s academic history, including data about transfers between classrooms or school units;
  • Administration of the school’s timetable and the calendar of the activities. Users can set up directly from the interface, the length of the classes and breaks;
  • Easy administration of grades and absences, including final yearly school records, by the means of the virtual catalogue module. Calculation of average grades is made automatically, based on configurable formulas, directly from the interface;
  • Accessing and downloading pupils’ records or other school documents, based on predefined models, that can be set up in accordance with the school unit’s specific requirements and the regulations in force;
  • Direct and transparent communication with everyone involved in the school’s activity: pupils, teachers, parents, administrative personnel, management representatives, by the means of e-mail and SMS notification service. Users have predefined templates to facilitate the sending of standard messages;
  • Generating reports and statistics, for classrooms and for school units.

Beneficiaries and advantages of using the IT solution:

  • Pupils benefit from state of the art educational resources and can instantly find out their grades, or see the complete school report anytime and anywhere;
  • Parents have real-time access to information regarding the children’s school activity and can directly communicate with the teachers;
  • Teachers benefit from support for managing the information regarding pupils; all the information regarding pupils –grades, absences, observations for parents, the school record – are electronically managed, so the time and effort are reduced in the favor of the pedagogic activities that bring added value;
  • Administrative personnel can promptly collect all the necessary information regarding the administration of a school;
  • Decision factors have access to real-time updated information and complete reports that they can administrate using robust, intuitive and ergonomic tools that support them in  the efficient allocation of  human and logistic resources.

The complete solution for educational management is an integrated application that positively influences the teaching/learning process, and supports the development of new education strategies. Therefore, BLINK encourages a new way to efficiently approach the educational system, by creating a competitive learning environment which supports excellence and ensures system changes, innovation and sustainability.