INSOFT Development & Consulting provides dedicated services in consultancy addressing the business environment as well as the management segment. Thus, we are supporting our clients helping them grow up and optimize their performance.
The young, professional, dynamic and experienced team is offering a thorough support in identifying the best solutions and business opportunities on the basis of clients’ needs assessment.
Our consultancy services portfolio provides solutions for an extended range of issues or potential challenges that our clients can meet:

  • Consultancy in the current issues definition and proposal of optimum financing opportunities;
  • Assistance in European financing (structural funds as well as other types of European funding) accession; consultancy in the projects required documents preparation; hardware and software infrastructure solutions, platforms implementation; IT&C applications and solutions;
  • Consultancy in the applicants eligibility verification;
  • Strategic planning;
  • The funding dossier preparation in compliance with the standards imposed by every Management Authority:
  • Documents necessary for the financing request and the associated addendums (disclosures)
  • The business plan writing and feasibility study performing,   financial estimates and  financial assessment;
  • Consultancy in getting the appropriate approvals for the funding dossier submission and/or assistance throughout the implementation period;  Consultancy and support in the run-financing contract signed with the Contracting Authority;
  • Technical assistance in the acquisition dossiers preparation and running the purchasing procedures and forms;
  • Project management services for the implementation of the approved and contracted projects;

By means of the provided specific consultancy services, we want to bring our contribution to the sustainable development of Romanian economy as well as to  increase the available European funds absorption rate.
The consultancy services we offer to our clients and partners target domestic, regional, national and European international projects –UE 27 level.
Non-reimbursable structural funds are granted exclusively after the documentation preparation that must be submitted to the designated authority and must be entirely compliant, no exception, with the standard documentation.
Structural and cohesion funds are financial instruments by means of which the European Union is operating in the view of dismissing the economic and social gaps between regions.
The operational programs for which we can offer consultancy and for which expertise is our business card:

  • Sectoral Operational Programme „Increase of Economic Competitiveness” (POSCCE)
  • Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development (POSDRU)
  • Regional Operational Programme (POR)
  • Operational Programme for Administrative Capacity Development (PODCA)
  • Sectoral Operational Programme Environment (POS Environment)
  • National Programme for Rural Development (PNDR)