The CREVIS Pole of Competitiveness is one of the main R&D projects developed in the region. CREVIS represents an ambitious collection of projects aiming to create the first excellence center in Europe for the remote-monitoring, resource training, simulation, virtual and augmented-reality monitoring in the critical infrastructure sector, by mean of the immersive virtual reality.

The Pole of Competitiveness – CREVIS includes 7 projects, implemented by 13 partners: 11 SMEs and 2 Universities:

• 1 investment project;

• 4 Research - Development and Innovation projects, oriented toward the development of innovative products or services;

• 2 interlinked projects (soft) – integrated management and marketing/PR.

INSOFT Development is responsible for the implementation of three projects - of investment, integrated management and research and development.

1. Research & Development center for virtual reality applied to critical infrastructures

Acronym: Investments

Applicant: S.C. INSOFT Development&Consulting SRL.

Project No. : ID 12P019001 / Cod SMIS – 50432

The general objective of the investment project within CREVIS is the increase of economic productivity in the critical infrastructures sector and adjacent services, by creating a Research & Development center that will use innovative virtual and augmented reality techniques, along with monitoring techniques, to ensure the safety and maintenance of the isolated objectives of critical infrastructures in Romania, as well as the assigned operational personnel training,  and intervention in these objectives.

2. Developing an innovative platform for monitoring remote objectives in the critical infrastructure of Romania

Acronym: CDI2

Applicant: S.C. INSOFT Development&Consulting SRL

Project No.: ID 12P019003 / SMIS 50421

The objective of this project is to minimize the risk of serious accidents, with a high impact on people and environment, by developing an innovative platform for monitoring remote objectives in the critical infrastructure of Romania, enabling rapid intervention, which integrates within the general strategy of the pole of competitiveness to increase the security of critical infrastructures.

3. CREVIS Pole Integrated Management

Acronym: SOFT 1

Applicant: S.C. INSOFT Development&Consulting SRL.

Project No.: ID 12P019006 / Cod SMIS – 50244

The objective of the project “CREVIS POLE INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT” consists in carrying out the integrated management of the CREVIS Competitiveness Pole throughout the whole project implementation.

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