CREVIS - Pole of competitiveness to increase economic productivity through innovative use of virtual reality in order to provide services to critical infrastructure

An innovative new platform for monitoring isolated targets from critical infrastructures in Romania will be presented at the International Technical Fair in Bucharest.
The 41st edition of Bucharest International Technical Fair (TIB) takes place at Romexpo, between 14th and 17th of October. The fair promotes industrial technology and equipment and it will gather companies that will have the opportunity to present the latest products and services in the technical field.
Also, at TIB, will be presented the status of execution of the prototype resulted from the experimental development phase of the project “Developing an innovative platform for monitoring remote objectives in the critical infrastructure of Romania”, that is part of CREVIS pole of competitiveness.
The innovative platform targets the security problem of the critical infrastructures, on which depend the stability, safety and security of the systems and processes involved in the Security Strategy of Romania.
The prototype will permit the monitoring of structure modifications that can appear at some isolated targets of the critical infrastructure. Through information provided in real-time, the platform will bring a real contribution in reduction of the accidents with high impact over the humans and environment and it will offer the possibility of fast interventions, even in isolated targets cases, with the help of a preliminary warning system.
The monitoring platform will process information regarding the behaviour of an isolated target that is part of a critical infrastructure, information collected by the means of a monitoring system. The data will be processed within the platform and displayed online in user friendly dashboards and can be later used in VR simulations in the immersive virtual reality cube.
About CREVIS - Pole of competitiveness
The objective of CREVIS is to increase economic productivity through a Research and Development centre dedicated to critical infrastructure and adjacent services. The centre will use innovative techniques of real-time monitoring software to ensure the security of critical infrastructures, isolated targets in Romania, their maintenance and training and assistance for operational staff.
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