CREVIS pole of competitiveness - one of the main research and development projects in the region

The CREVIS pole of competitiveness is a collection of ambitious projects aiming to create the first Center of excellence in Europe dedicated to critical infrastructure monitoring and testing through augmented and virtual reality.

Development, monitoring, control and security of the critical infrastructure, represents currently a major challenge, generated by the dimension and complexity of this area. One of the main objectives of the CREVIS pole of competitiveness is the increase of the economic productivity in the critical infrastructure area. Another purpose of the Pole is the efficient management of all the challenges occurred of multiple interactions between this area and related fields.  

In the autumn of 2014, works at the R & D center for virtual reality applied to critical infrastructures construction have started. The building shall support the achievement of the main goal of the investment project: increase of economic productivity in the critical infrastructures and related services, the demarche representing an original initiative in Romania. The modern center that will open this autumn will include both, spaces dedicated to the research and development of innovative solutions and spaces dedicated to the events organization.

The functional R & D Center will host companies that will use innovative techniques of augmented and virtual reality, together with monitoring techniques to ensure the security of isolated targets in critical infrastructures of Romania, their maintenance and operational staff training assigned to intervene on these objectives.

Within CREVIS Pole of competitiveness, several economic operators are developing 4 research projects. These one include a set of computer systems for services providing in the field of critical infrastructures, ensuring their safety through monitoring, maintenance and training for their proper operation. The developed IT solutions within the project will contribute to the regular assessment of these infrastructures and reduce their vulnerable elements. The implementation of effective protective measures is another goal of the systems. Useful functionalities and value added services, using immersion virtual reality cube, shall be implemented in the future.

Research and settlement of the technical specifications activities have been finalized. The prototypes development stage is in progress. By the end of 2015 year, the testing phase of the immersion virtual reality cube is scheduled.

About CREVIS competitiveness pole

CREVIS aims to increase the economic productivity in critical infrastructures sector and adjacent services, by building a research and development center. Within the center, innovative techniques of virtual and augmented reality shall be used together with monitoring techniques to ensure the objectives of critical infrastructures in Romania, their maintenance and operational personnel training assigned to assist and intervene on these objectives.

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