CREVIS project Facebook and Google+ pages have been launched

The CREVIS Pole has joined social media via Facebook and Google+ pages.

The easy access to the information is an essential need in the context of contemporary society. Therefore, the "CREVIS Pole of Competitiveness" aims to facilitate, through an effective online promotion, through modern means related to ICT, the access of the target groups and general public to relevant information about the project, its deployment, activities and implementation modalities as well as its results.

The "CREVIS Pole of Competitiveness" is one of the main Research & Development projects undertaken in the region. CREVIS represents a collection of ambitious projects aiming at creating Europe's first Center of Excellence for the remote monitoring, human resources training, augmented and virtual reality monitoring of the critical infrastructure isolated objectives, simulated in an immersive virtual reality.

The permanent and transparent communication between the stakeholders is an essential element for the success of a complex project such as CREVIS. Online communication is quick, easy and efficient, so that social media presence is important in achieving the targeted promotion objectives of the project. Moreover, the online communication is likely to become the main source of information for the general public, so it’s an important communication channel between the sender and the receiver of the message. Both, the general public and target group will now have access to prompt information through social media. The latest news within the CREVIS project can be transmitted through Facebook and Google+ pages, thus, increasing the visibility of the achieved activities and the innovative products exposure degree, contributing, consequently, to the increased pole and partners productivity.

By means of social networks, the information will be disseminated to a larger number of people, promoting, this way, the products and services developed within the project.


About CREVIS Pole of competitiveness

CREVIS aims to increase the economic productivity, in the critical infrastructure sector and adjacent services, by establishing a research and development center. Within the center, innovative techniques of virtual and augmented reality will be used, along with monitoring techniques to ensure the isolated objectives of critical infrastructures in Romania, their maintenance and training of personnel assigned for the operational service and assistance on these objectives.

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