Custom applications

Custom applications development
Our team develops complex IT&C applications that cater best for the needs and expectations of each client.
We are flexible and we can easily adapt to your requests by developing an extended range of additional features and options. Thus, starting from a clearly-defined set of criteria and requests after the preliminary analysis, we can develop applications to answer best to your specific needs. Moreover, we can implement special options that can be integrated with the products or system you are already using in the company or institution you activate.
What are the advantages you have if you use the custom applications developed by INSOFT Development & Consulting:

  • Your activity will be more efficient by means of the integration of the latest technologies in your daily activities flow;
  • You will have a high quality solution developed on the basis of actual needs;
  • You will benefit of consultancy during the identification process of the most suitable solutions and throughout the project planning stage as well;
  • You will have access to training sessions for the users who will work with the new applications and functionalities;
  • You will benefit of technical services assistance and maintenance.

The custom IT&C applications are a great opportunity for the companies that are seeking to strike the balance between the need to financially support the solutions and products already in place and the investment in new functionalities and features.
The custom IT&C applications offer important advantages regarding maintenance thanks to the fact that they can be integrated with the already in place systems, thus, ensuring an excellent price-quality rate.
The applications we develop are based on modern and diverse technologies, such as Java, .Net, PHP are.