Educational applications

Educational apps - modern and interactive applications, by means of which lessons become enjoyable and interesting due to the complex digital content and fun educational games - EduPlus and Pengu Math.

EduPlus for iPad is a modern and interactive educational app of mobile Learning type, designed for students of the I and II grades.  EduPlus includes a series of interactive activities, fun and exciting games that are intended to help children learn with pleasure.

EduPlus application can be downloaded from the AppStore on your tablet now.

The digital activities available to children are grouped by subjects: Communication in Romanian – I grade, Mathematics and Environmental Exploration - I grade, and Mathematics and Environmental Exploration - II grade. The first two modules of each subject can be downloaded for free, the remaining resources being available for a fee. Once downloaded, the digital activities can be accessed offline.

Each module contains between 17 and 30 learning activities that take into account the pupils’ age. During the activity, they enjoy the support of some cute characters - Edi, Anna and Andi, which step by step will become their best friends. Activities, animations, games, tests and presentations are intuitive and fully respect the curriculum in force.

By following the educational activities, pupils become more motivated to learn and accumulate easier new knowledge. The attractive design contributes also to stimulate the curiosity, the sound and vivid pictures attract the pupils’ attention on important information. Thus, children will assimilate faster relevant information and will deepen the studied subjects through interactivity and games.

The app can be downloaded here:

Pengu Math is a fun and interactive educational app, designed for primary school pupils. Through Pengu Math, students will practice the subtraction in a pleasant and entertaining manner, in a challenging context. Exercises become more and more difficult, the pace and the stakes get increased so that pupils become experts in mathematical operations.

The app can be downloaded for free from the AppStore and Google Play, at the following references:

App Store:   

Google Play: