learnIN - complete eLearning solution

The learnIN suite includes integrated eLearning applications that have been developed by IT professionals with consistent experience in the field. learnIN consists of a modern eLearning platform (LCMS –Learning and Content Management System) and of digital educational content (eContent) which has been developed based on the highest quality standards.
The learnIN solution addresses both the private sector as well as the public one offering custom options and functionalities on the basis of each client’s goals and expectations.
The learnIN interactive digital content:

  • Includes multimedia elements that present a high degree of interactivity –tutorials, short movies, animations, photos, audio files, lab simulations of natural phenomena that are not easily reproducible or have high costs etc.;
  • The design emphasis is placed on the video elements and 2D and 3D animations that promote the “Learning by Doing” principle;  
  • Promotes the exploration, discovering, problem-solving, reflection and collaboration, thus, dismissing the “learning by heart” system;
  • Is developed and can be customized on the basis of the curricula, domestic features and students profiles;
  • Is adapted to different learning styles –visual, auditory and kinesthetic;
  • Is based on the segmentation of the complex learning themes into simple modules (learning objects) that can be reused, separated, modified and adapted in their turn;
  • Contains learning objects that are developed on the basis of the most advanced standard in the field of virtual education – SCORM 2004 4th Edition.

The LCMS learnIN platform:

  • Offers numerous teaching and learning facilities;
  • Can be accessed via a series of IT&C gadgets and devices – computers, laptops, smart phones, PC tablets etc.;
  • Can be adapted to the different study levels of the students and is optimized both for the initial training as well as for the continuous learning program;
  • Presents a flexible management system for the educational content and its use does not require advanced knowledge in the field;
  • Can offer support in making decisions with regards to the training process and offers the necessary resources in the view of efficiently planning the existent resources (classrooms, students, pupils, teachers, staff, professors, trainers etc.);
  • Can help in the efficient distribution of the funds dedicated to the employees’ training or to the educational programs addressing pupils and students;
  • Is compatible with the SCORM 2004, SCORM 1.2, AICC, QTI, IEEE LOM standards.