The first step to a career in IT - "INSOFT INternship"

The "INSOFT INternship" has reached its fourth edition and addresses students in the final years of study or masters who want to pursue a career in IT.
INSOFT Development & Consulting offers young people, technology enthusiasts the chance to participate in a training camp, in a dynamic company and learn the best practices in the ICT, directly from the experts. The internships run during 3 months and are organized between July and October, which allows students to choose the period in which they wish to carry out their training. All the participants in the internships will receive, at the end of the training, a certificate attesting the acquired skills.
"ICT industry is one of the most dynamic sectors of the economy. In order to remain competitive in this market, we must adapt continuously and be constantly focused towards innovation. Therefore, we are always open to ideas of youth, their enthusiasm and energy having a positive impact on INSOFT business" stated Cristian Aciubotăriţei, CEO of INSOFT Development & Consulting.
In order to join the team of INSOFT, students (under graduated or masters) must complete the following steps:

  • They have to enroll in the "INSOFT internship" program either by applying directly on the INSOFT website or through the "Genuine Internships" by sending a resume in Europass format along with a letter of intent, where all the projects they have been involved in and the gained knowledge during the university studies should be listed;
  • They should participate in candidate selection interviews if they are contacted by the INSOFT team.

The "INSOFT Internship" program offers students the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge acquired during the faculty, within the projects with a specific complexity in ICT industry. They can benefit from the opportunity to work alongside professionals in the field and browse through all the stages of the various IT projects implementation.
The program is at its fourth edition, the previous editions having had a great success. Over 73% of the students that have been following these stages in the previous years became members of appreciated company’s teams.
The INSOFT prospective team members will be selected following the standard process of the resume and cover letters assessment. The Internships IT young professionals can apply in 2015 are: Front Web Developer, PHP Developer, eContent Developer, Java Web Developer, Instructional Designer and Presales Specialist. All those interested in attending training sessions organized by INSOFT must submit the required documents no later than the 3 of June 2015. More details about each stage and how to apply are available on the INSOFT website: