INSOFT Enterprise Portal (IEP) is an innovative and complete solution that allows flexible content and document management, the publishing of information in the online environment as well as the creation of collaborative working space.
Types of developed portals:

  • For government –at national or regional level, offering a communication platform and access to the public online services for citizens (eGovernment) and the business environment;
  • For companies –the portals offer access to specific information and allow direct interaction between the representatives of the companies and their clients;
  • For specific fields –such as education, health, tourism, agriculture, IT, public administration etc. ;
  • For EU projects –the portals are a core element in the communication strategy and offer the opportunity to promote the objectives and the results of the project and support the interaction with the end-users.

INSOFT Enterprise Portal is based on a suite of standard modules designed so that the beneficiaries have the possibility to:

  • Manage the content;
  • Search and find option;
  • Generate reports and statistical analyses;
  • Control access and define roles;
  • Manage the information flows;
  • Use web services;
  • Send notifications and messages.

 The IEP solution advantages:

  • Content management system –that enables the user to easily manage the content as it does not imply advanced specific knowledge;
  • Easiness in using it - both for the client and for the end user;
  • High security level –thanks to the implemented technical solutions.

Our team of professionals develops large scale web portals that present numerous sections, which are further grouped under subdomains and populated by an impressive amount of information.
The portals are perfectly adapted for an intense traffic generated by high numbers of users and at the same time they offer a pleasant experience thanks to the user-friendly interface.