INSOFT Development & Consulting develops successful software solutions in Romania and abroad

2012 meant for INSOFT Development & Consulting more than a step forward in implementing and strengthening the development plan. Thus, the company registered a tripling in sales (16.2 million euro) and managed to keep the growth trend that it has characterized it ever since its entry on the profile market.

INSOFT Development & Consulting has been present on the IT&C market in Romania ever since 2008 and, within a relatively short time, it has managed to become a leading supplier of educational solutions addressing diverse profiles of users. For the company, 2012 meant the transition to the position of main integrator for complete IT systems both on the domestic and the foreign market.

The company’s progress has been notable one year to another when, along with the professionals’ team expansion which currently counts 150 employees and collaborators, INSOFT developed and implemented large scale national and international projects. Therefore, the balance of 2012 translated by the tripling of the sales figures from 2011 to 16.2 million euro, 81% of which being achieved by providing IT services to clients, and 19% by retailing software and hardware products.

During 2012, the range of implemented projects was significantly diversified thanks to the features of the developed and implemented solutions. Thus, the largest share in the portfolio was held by the projects which were based on the complete eLearning solution -learnIN (addressing both adults and pupils as well as students), followed closely by those that involved integration solutions (Document Management System, GIS Portal, Business Process Management System, epidemiological modeling and infrastructure), custom software development, consultancy etc.

An important direction of the long-term development strategy for INSOFT was to expand the Research and Development sector (R&D) thanks to which the company was able to develop new products, internationally competitive and to start successfully complex projects: SAPIENT, INCREATOR, Medsis.

Also, 2012 marked the launch of new products: EMS Blink (complete educational management system), INSOFT Enterprise Portal, INVALUE (modern solution management for evaluating the necessary employment skills and address occupational standards) and learnIN Chess Suite (complete package of interactive chess lessons) which have already been tested and employed successfully in projects implemented both nationally and internationally.

"The results in 2012 were a pleasant surprise, but, at the same time, they took shape as each quarter ended. An important contribution in achieving them have had the large-scale projects that the company implemented and this has only been possible only by continuously maintaining the high quality standards and the professionalism of the INSOFT team. Also, a very important part was played by our partners and customers, to whom we had the opportunity to demonstrate that we are a strong IT company, competitive at European level", stated Cristian Aciubotăriţei, CEO INSOFT Development & Consulting.

Among the development directions for 2013 we can mention the continuation of the investment in the R&D segment in order to expand the products’ portfolio and the developed projects; the generation of new international projects as well as addressing to the online market through dedicated products and the implementation of projects financed by European funds.