INSOFT Development & Consulting – finalist with European IT Excellence Awards 2012

INSOFT Development & Consulting has been nominated as finalist of the international competition European IT Excellence Awards, the 2012 edition. This year’s edition has gathered entries from 49 companies, representing 17 countries. 

The nomination was granted under the category of IT&C solutions suppliers, the category Government –Information Management Solution of the Year, for the project INSOFT developed and implemented for the County School Inspectorates in Cluj and Mures. 

The solution proposed by INSOFT has allowed the efficient management of the resources involved in the permanent training process, addressing teachers in Cluj and Mures counties. Being characterized by quality, accessibility, transparency and sustainability, the project has reunited the best solutions to cater for all of the specific requests issued by the two authorities and at the same time was compliant with the priorities of the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports.

The title of Finalist Company, of one of the most prestigious international competitions of the IT&C field, is the recognition of the constant and spectacular evolution that INSOFT Development & Consulting has had during the past couple of years. 

European IT Excellence Awards is one of the most important events dedicated to the recognition of excellence for European companies that provide IT&C solutions and services. 

“The quality of entries was extremely high and demonstrated the depth of talent in the European IT channel” stated John Chapman, Editorial Director at IT Europa. „The entries we received for the IT solutions suppliers category showed the obvious work that the companies had gone into preparing them and in the view of supporting their partners for the latter’s business development under these circumstances of economic recovery” continued the representative of IT Europa. 

„The fact that INSOFT has been nominated as finalist of the competition honours us and at the same time confirms that the strategy and values that define and guide us are the right ones. The nomination we received is an extra warranty of the professionalism we offer to our clients by means of our products and solutions’ high quality. As future plans we will continue the growing and visibility trend both on the domestic market and on the international one” stated Cristian Aciubotaritei, General Manager INSOFT Development & Consulting.

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