INSOFT Development & Consulting has run the pilot program „Chess in School” based on the interactive lessons learnIN

During April 23 – June 13, 2012, INSOFT Development & Consulting has run the pilot program for chess playing initiation based on the interactive learnIN lessons, in the primary school „Mexic” in Bucharest.

On this occasion, the 24 selected pupils from the 3rd and 4th grade have had the opportunity to discover the mysteries of chess right from the international master Luiza Marin and from the great master Mihail Marin, who have guided then throughout the entire course and have taught them the strategy and the playing tactic.

During the two months of courses, the junior chess players have learned step by step the basic moves of the chess pieces as well as the main playing schemata that can help them become winners from simple players.

The little ones have proved easiness and rapidity in acquiring the information that, thanks to the structure of the multimedia learnIN lessons, has been presented by means of a suite of interactive applications –tutorials, decision-making situations, tests, 2D and 3D animations as well as audio streams, tailored on their capacity of understanding and learning.

“The kids have been very open the more so that they have been exposed to an exquisite experience. The chess lessons have been presented on computer by means of the learnIN courses whose structure and interface have facilitated their understanding and fast learning. During the two months of courses, the little ones have made remarkable progresses and have acquired an important amount of knowledge in a relatively short time” stated Luiza Marin –international chess master.

The pilot program ended with a competition organized for the pupils under the arbitrage of the two international chess masters. Thus, during the five rounds of chess playing- held in Swiss system- the pupils have applied their best tactics in order to defeat their competitors.

“The pilot program <<Chess in School>> was a real success and we are happy that, together with INSOFT, we have had the chance to offer our pupils the opportunity to learn how to play chess by means of an innovative and appealing method as it is the case with the learnIN chess lessons. We would like to be able to offer this opportunity to as many children as possible who are attending our school’s classes” stated Petru I. Flesner –Principal of School no.22 “Mexic”.


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