INSOFT Development & Consulting represents Romania at The European Business Awards

European Business Awards ( has nominated INSOFT Development & Consulting as Romania’s representative in the 2012/13 final of the prestigious competition addressing the business environment. INSOFT is one of the six national finalists, the next stage being the qualification for the status of National Champion. The results will be announced no sooner than April 2013.
Reuniting three essential values: innovation, business excellence and sustainability, INSOFT has been selected by the jury of the „European Business Awards” to represent Romania in the competition’s final.
„We are extremely honored by INSOFT Development & Consulting’s selection as Romania’s representative within such a competition as European Business Awards is. Ever since it made its entrance on the IT&C market, INSOFT has showed the high expertise and know-how it has so that, shortly, it came to hold one of the main positions in the top profile companies in Romania. European Business Awards is one of the internationally reputed events for its rigorous selection by means of which some of the best companies in the area are promoted and showcased. We are confident in the next stage and we are expecting the final results” stated Cristian Aciubotaritei –CEO INSOFT Development & Consulting.
“The European Business Awards” is dedicated to raising the visibility and progress of companies who excel in delivering innovation twinned with successful commercial results whilst acting responsibly and positively affecting the social environment they operate in. INSOFT has been granted the title of finalist company under the category „The Infosys Business of the Year”, this standing for the recognition of its constant evolution and, at the same time, spectacular that INSOFT has had during the past couple of years.
Adrian Tripp, Chief Executive Officer of European Business Awards stated: “Over the past six years we’ve received an incredibly high standard of entries from organizations that are passionate about their business. However, very few get the chance to fly the flag for their country and compete across Europe to be recognized as one of Europe’s leading companies. It really is an exceptional accolade to be picked as a National Finalist, and together with our sponsors and supporters we’re looking forward to INSOFT Development & Consulting in the next round.”
About The European Business Awards 2012/13
„The European Business Awards” is the most important event dedicated to recognizing and rewarding excellence, best practice and innovation in companies across the European Union. The competition is free to enter and open to organizations of all sizes and from any industry sector.
The European Business Awards programme serves three purposes for the European business community:

  • It provides examples for the business community to aspire to.
  • It celebrates and endorses individual’s and organization’s success
  • It provides case studies and content for learning from these exceptional organizations