INSOFT Development & Consulting supports innovative education!

INSOFT supports innovative education by its participation in the 9th edition of the eLearning and software conference eLSE 2013, April 25-26, Bucharest

INSOFT Development & Consulting is present as sponsor for the 2nd year in a row at the most important conference in Romania addressing the fields of eLearning and software: eLSE 2013 edition.

Under the umbrella theme: “Quality and efficiency in eLearning” it is intended the set-up of an academic environment nourishing the exchange of ideas and supporting the communication of expertise by promoting organisations and people activating in the field of digital education. Therefore, during the two days, there will be held presentations to illustrate the technical achievements in ICT by the representatives of the most important institutions in the academic and private field from Romania and abroad.

On this occasion, there will be present five representatives of INSOFT who will deliver four scientific work and five articles whose topics will underlie the importance of developing eLearning programs. There will be brought into light the innovative software tools that are employed in creating digital content. Moreover, it will be taken into consideration the approach of education by educational games and it will be debated the importance of training both from theoretical and practical perspective.

At the same time, it will be discussed the importance of pedagogy from the point of view of the new learning environments and there will be presented case studies on the advantages of the digital support in the learning process.

The greatest part of the projects portfolio for INSOFT is represented by the projects implemented on the complete eLearning solution –learnIN addressing pupils and students as well as adults. The complete learnIN solution comes up with a modern approach of the learning process and is made up of: digital educational content; learnIN platform –available in several foreign languages and adapted to the features of each education system and the online collaboration system –that allows the efficient communication and exchange of information.

eLSE 2013 will be attended by representatives of the academic field, scientific researches and university professors, managers and digital content developers from various profile companies on the domestic market and on the foreign one. Also, there will be present representatives of international institutions actively involved in the eLearning phenomenon.