INSOFT Development & Consulting – winner of European IT Excellence Awards

IT Europa, the leading European IT publisher and market intelligence organization, today announced the winners of the European IT Excellence Awards 2012 - the pan-European awards event for IT and Telecoms channels.

The jury of professionals with the European IT Excellence Awards has granted to INSOFT Development & Consulting the award for the Information Management Solution of the Year, under the category Government projects.

“The juries have been really impressed by the high quality standards of the solution implemented by INSOFT Development & Consulting for its clients, The State School Inspectorates in Cluj and Mures. The results were astonishing. We have received a high number of good entries that have been submitted by companies all over Europe under the category in which INSOFT also competed. Therefore, INSOFT’s achievement is the more so remarkable” stated John Chapman –Editorial Director IT Europa.
By means of the winning project, INSOFT created an electronic working instrument in the view of managing the resources involved in the life-long training of teachers. Thus, it has been implemented an electronic information center addressing personnel in the teaching system and the general public as well. By means of the information center, it was made possible the daily delivery of news concerning the available life-long training programs as well as the guidelines and the best practices as a result of participating in profile courses.
There have been registered approximately 1,200 participant schools from the initial estimate of 600 schools. Also, there has been noticed a growing participation rate of the teachers: from the initial estimate of 6,000 users (teachers, principals, trainers, life-long trainers, school inspectors) there have been reported approximately 15,000 active accounts.
The European IT Excellence Awards are the only pan-European awards which recognize the crucial role that Solution Providers and Systems Integrators play in the delivery of real world solutions, and attracted entries from 23 countries. Entries were submitted by the solution providers themselves describing the solution provided and each had to be supported by an endorsement by the client. 49 companies from 17 countries made the finals. The winners were selected by an independent panel of consultants and editors
„The award we received in London from the European IT Excellence Awards honors us and the same time reinforces the success of the project we have implemented for our clients. We are glad that we have had the opportunity to participate in a competition such as European IT Excellence is and we consider that the award consolidated and reconfirms the reputation and the know-how our team of professionals has” stated Cosmin Zah, Executive Manager INSOFT Development & Consulting.

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