INSOFT Development & Consulting wins the Diskobolos Award for Education

INSOFT Development & Consulting was appointed the winner in the Education section of the  international IT&C competition  -Diskobolos, 2012 edition. From over 100 entries received for all of the nine categories of the competition, the jury of experts awarded the grand Diskobolos Award to the learnIN chess lessons .

With an 18 years old tradition in recognizing the best practices in IC&T, the international competition Diskobolos has designated this year’s edition winners.

After  a thorough analysis of over 100 submitted applications, the jury of experts representing the Union of ICT Serbia (JISA), Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS), European Economic Chamber of Trade (EEIG) and individual representatives of the IT&C field, has selected INSOFT Development & Consulting  as the winner of section Education.

The award was granted for the project" learnIN chess lessons -SMART eLearning solution" that addresses secondary school pupils and comes up with an innovative approach to learning. Starting from an accurate assessment of the pupil’s learning needs and level, the learnIN chess lessons stimulate personal developmengt by supporting the acquirement of new skills and practical abilities along with the assimiliation of specific knowledge regarding the game of chess. The four principles that lie at the core of the lessons are exploration, discovery, problem solving and collaboration. Thanks to this, the learnIN chess lessons are easily adaptable to different learning styles.

Through the "learnIN chess lessons -SMART eLearning solution" project and also by promoting the principle of learning by practice, pupils have the opportunity to acquire specific competences such as using the chessboard, knowledge of the rules of the chess game, the use of proper techniques for calculating options, and also general competences by the development of their skills belonging to the social sphere and the application of their knowledge in the everyday life.

"We are honored by the recognition that the jury Diskobolos gave us this year for the learnIN chess lessons. This award is one of the most important certifications and confirmations of the high quality that the learnIN educational content offers to users, and it is also a great achievement for the entire team of professionals working on its development"said Cristian Aciubotaritei – General Manager INSOFT Development & Consulting.

The awarded eLearning solution – learnIN chess lessons - focuses on users and their needs, promoting the active learning by their involvement in the knowledge transfer process. Thanks to the very flexible structure of learnIN, pupils are able to learn at their own pace with very good performances and results – a fact that was also proven during the two pilot projects undertaken to date.

About Diskobolos

Diskobolos Awards is one of the most prestigious international competitions addressing the IT and communication field. With a tradition of 18 years promoting successful practices in IT&C, Diskobolos Awards register participation applications from USA, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria and all countries of the former ex-Yugoslav space, their number increasing year by year.

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