INSOFT DMS is a complete platform that helps managing all the documents related to the daily activity of an organization. It can be easily configured and provides increased performance and maximum security. 

INSOFT DMS is a mature, flexible and efficient product that facilitates the creation of a custom document management system and contributes to ensuring a modern and organized work environment.

INSOFT DMS is an advanced system for document management that:

  • Creates and maintain complete electronic records of all the existing documents within an organization;
  • Enables the rapid identification of a certain document by using metadata;
  • Controls the users’ access to confidential information.

INSOFT DMS offers its users functionalities for:

  • Recording and document storage – allows scanning, recording and centralized storage of all the relevant electronic documents of an organization and supports sorting, advanced processing of images (OCR/ barcode recognition), setting scanning parameters, indexing and validation in electronic format;
  • Content management – creates two-way relationships between documents, enabling their automatic transmission. Both administrators and users (depending on their granted rights) can view attributes, edit and control the documents’ versions;
  • Document traceability – enables access to documents changes history, their flows and the necessary time to solve any potential issues;
  • Notifications and flows – transmits personalized notifications, enabling a controlled documents distribution. The solution also allows users to receive notifications when documents of interest are modified;
  • Reporting – allows the generation of specific reports, that present and analyze the total number of documents received or sent, the type of resolution, the time and the way the requests were received etc. 

The architecture of INSOFT DMS is based on the classic method of organizing a management system for documents. The product is modular and ready to be used. Navigating is easy and documents are accessible with a simple click. 

By using INSOFT DMS, all the organization’s information can be accessed from a single central database. The solution allows the creation of a consolidated content repository that can be easily accessed by all applications, workstations and systems already in place.

INSOFT DMS technical specifications:

  • It can be perfectly integrated with new and already in place IT solutions; 
  • Provides rapid transfer protocols and maximum reading and archiving speed; 
  • Allows native implementation in all operating systems (Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX etc.); 
  • Runs on standard database systems: Microsoft SQL, ORACLE etc.;
  • Can be integrated with many applications such as ERP, CRM, customized solutions, but also with Microsoft Office products; 
  • Ensures strict working standards, both in terms of information security, and storage; 
  • Allows the implementation of specific standards as a result of development activities and minimal configurations.