INSOFT is the first Romanian company to provide interactive educational content for the Ukrainian schools

INSOFT Development & Consulting signed the memornadum with the UkrainianMinistry of Education, Youth and Sports that stipulates the collaboration in the IT&C domain.

The 2 institutions will collaborate for the project called “Teaching SMART with learnIN”, which goal is to improve the quality of the teaching and learning processes by efficiently using interactive IT&C resources in education.

The ministry of Education, Youth and Sports’ specialized committees considered that the INSOFT’s proposition included all the required elements for implementing a successful project. Through learnIN, the students will benefit from innovative and high quality educational solutions that can be customized based on the specific needs of the final beneficiaries. In addition to that, the educational content will follow the Ukrainian educational curricula.

learnIN promotes a 360o approach

learnIN ( ) supports an interactive approach in order to bring added value to the classic process of teaching and learning. The element that is making the difference is the “Learning by Doing” principle which means that students will benefit form a 360o  exposure to teaching material that will now contain tutorials, videos, animations and simulations in addition to the already existing traditional educational resources. The final product combines the three essential components of the learning process: exploration, problem solving and collaboration between students and teachers.

Improvement of the learning process

The educational platform learnIN may be accessed through a great variety of IT devices as personal computers, laptops or tablets. The platform is integrated with  web 2.0 applications and is available in many languages so it supports the cultural diversity. Also, learnIN works with LDAP services and allows the automatic management of users from databasea and existing systems.

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