INSOFT is a founding member of the UN Global Compact Network Romania

INSOFT is one of the 24 founding members of the UN Global Compact Network Romania, actively supporting sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. 
On May 15, the UN Global Compact Network Romania launch event has been held. Within the event, all the 24 founding organizations, fighting for Responsible Romania have been announced.  
For INSOFT Development & Consulting, joining the UN Global Compact, involves a long-term commitment, concerning the implementation and promotion of the universal principles covering human rights, labor, environmental protection, anticorruption fight and ethical behavior in business.
United Nations Global Compact is the most important international initiative based on voluntary participation of organizations sharing the same ethical convictions and corporate social responsibility. United Nations Global Compact includes over 6,000 participating organizations from 135 countries and 2,300 individual attendees. Through the active contribution of each participant, the organization aims to contribute to the promotion of the inclusive and sustainable global economy.
The local office of the UN Global Compact launch event took place in the Aula Magna of the Romanian Academy in Bucharest. The event has been organized by CSR Agency - the host office in Romania for the United Nations Global Compact, as the Program Coordinator, the Dutch Embassy in Bucharest and the association „Mai Mult Verde”, as strategic partners.
"For us, the fact that we are founding members within the United Global Compact Romania is an honor and a priority. We want to offer our customers and partners an additional guarantee of our professionalism that is reflected in the products and services that we offer to them", said Alexandra Bălşeanu, COO INSOFT Development & Consulting.
INSOFT is one of the leading IT companies in Romania, with an accelerated pace of expansion, having ongoing projects and initiatives, based on the effective use of the internal and external resources. By this commitment, INSOFT expresses its active involvement in the development of new projects of corporate social responsibility. The company policy includes, as a priority, key elements such as the promotion of effective mechanisms against corruption, fraud or inconsistent with moral norms acts. By joining the UN Global Compact, INSOFT will focus its efforts to integrate in the company's development strategy and current operations, some responsible activities based on the 10 key principles promoted by the organization. INSOFT will also take all the necessary steps to contribute to the development goals achievement, set by the United Nations - Millennium Development Goals.
About United Nations Global Compact
United Nations Global Compact is a strategic initiative dedicated to the organizations that want to align their actions and strategies to the ten universal principles covering human rights, labor, environment and anticorruption. Thus, the partner companies become the globalization main engine, making the technological and economic progress to be achieved to the benefit of the worldwide companies.