"INSOFT INternship" - internship program for talented young people

Students and master graduates from technical faculties now have the chance to participate in training and skills development internships within INSOFT Development & Consulting

INSOFT Development & Consulting holds a new edition of the "INSOFT INternship" program in which senior students and master graduates from technical faculties have the opportunity to join the company's operational departments.

The "INSOFT INternship" program aims at familiarizing students with the most modern IT solutions implemented in projects under development. The selected young people will annually receive practical training under the program and will have the chance to prove they can fit the INSOFT team.

"INSOFT INternship" gives students the possibility to participate in a training session focused on applying and deepening knowledge accumulated during the studying period and, at the same time, to develop personal and professional skills. Thus, the interns are integrated into the existing teams and will have the opportunity to interact with the everyday working environment in order to gain the roles’ experience in a real project.

As part of INSOFT, the trainees have the opportunity to gather and accumulate specific concepts within the teams of professionals from various departments. The added value of the "INSOFT INternship" program is given by the high quality standards of the major implemented projects that the students and master graduates will be able to know in detail and to which they will bring their own input.

The participants in "INSOFT INternship" are selected on the basis of the proposals resulted from the partnerships established by INSOFT with representatives of academic institutions. The first two stages of the student tutoring in 2013 will be conducted in partnership with the University Politehnica of Bucharest and the representatives of the “Stagii pe Bune” program.

Therefore, thanks to the partnership with the University Politehnica of Bucharest, 30 master students will be able to apply the acquired theoretical knowledge in a practical environment, focused on the "Information Safety" domain. Students enrolled in the program represent: The Faculty of Automatics and Computer Science, The Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology and the Faculty of Transports. The Partnership was developed as part of the "Build a successful career!" project, which is co-funded by European Social Fund through the Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007-2013, “Invest in people!” developed by the University  Politehnica of Bucharest as beneficiary and the National Intelligence Academy "Mihai Viteazu" as partner.

The 30 master students will be tutored by three INSOFT mentors throughout 112 hours/ student and the activities will be primarily conducted in the company's Development Departments with the support of the Consultancy Department.

The second stage of the internship program will run for three months, during which the selected applicants via the “Stagii pe Bune” program will have the opportunity to learn what the Flash Developer, Java Web Developer, Implementation Consultant, Presales Solution Architect or Engineer positions are about under the guidance of the senior colleagues in the department. At present, the program is in the CVs submission stage up to May 13, next being due to take place the recruitment held up to June 3.

The participants in the initiative will have the opportunity to get a solid recommendation, while having the chance to apply the theoretical concepts learned in college, into actual projects. Also, each trainee will receive at the end of the practice a diploma attesting the experience gained during this period, and those selected will have the opportunity to start a career within INSOFT as full-time employees or collaborators.