INSOFT introduces EduPlus – an interactive educational application for elementary school students

The application is designed for first and second grade students and it includes a series of fun interactive activities and fascinating games that help children learn with pleasure and passion.
EduPlus for iPad is a modern and interactive mobile Learning application, available in App Store. The application  has been developed based on the latest eLearning principles and was adapted for mobile devices. EduPlus offers a great variety of activities and educational resources that students can cover anytime, anywhere, on their iPads.
The digital activities available for children are organized by subjects: Romanian language and communication – First grade, Mathematics and environment exploration – First grade, Mathematics and environment exploration – Second grade. The first 2 modules of each subject are free to download, while the other modules are only available after purchase. Once downloaded, the digital activities can also be accessed offline.
Each module consists of 17 to 30 learning activities that take into consideration the children’s age particularities. While going through the activities, students are guided by some lovely characters – Edi, Ana and Andi, that will become their best friends. The activities, the animations, the games, the tests and the presentations are intuitive and entirely adapted to respect the current curricula.
 “The EduPlus application helps elementary school students to better understand and study different subjects by the means of interactive activities and games. With EduPlus the lessons become more enjoyable and more interesting due to the complex digital content and the interactive educational games. But the digital activities’ main goal is to help students develop the skills and abilities requested by the Ministry of Education national curricula”, stated Florin Burcea, eLearning department manager, INSOFT Development & Consulting.
Because of the educational activities, students become more motivated to learn and can easily assimilate new information. The attractive design is also important in stimulating their curiosity and the smart images and sounds make the student focus on the important information. Thus, children are able to perform better and learn in an interactive and fun way.
The application can be downloaded from the following address: