INSOFT Joins the United Nations Global Compact’s initiative

INSOFT Development & Consulting has recently joined the United Nations Global Compact’s international initiative that promotes the organizations’ strategies and operations alignment according  to solid ethical principles, anti-corruption, labor protection, human rights and environment protection.
INSOFT  supports sustainable development and corporate social responsibility, proving once again, that it is one of the most dynamic IT companies in Romania, always focusing on innovation and rising to international standards of business practice.
United Nations Global Compact is the most important international initiative, based on oragnisations’ voluntary participation because of their mutual ethic beliefs and corporate social responsibility. United Nations Global Compact includes over 6000 organizations from 135 countries and 2,300 individuals. Because of each participant’s active contribution, the organization contributes to an inclusive, sustainable global economy.
Joining the UN Global Compact involves a long term commitment to promoting and implementing some universal principles regarding human rights, labor and environment protection, anti-corruption and ethical behavior in business.
 “The corporate social responsibility concept has experienced a significant evolution over the last years and it became an essential element for every sustainable business strategy. For us, the ethical behavior represents a priority, both personal and professional. By joining the United Nations Global Compact we want to offer our clients and partners another guarantee for our professionalism that can be seen in our products and services” , stated Cristian Aciubotăriței, CEO INSOFT Development & Consulting.
INSOFT is one of the most important IT companies in Romania, experiencing a rapid expansion, which conducts projects by efficiently using its internal and external resources.
With this commitment INSOFT proves its active involvement in developing new corporate social responsibility being, in the same time, dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical and anti-corruption standards. In our company’s internal policy a great importance is given to key elements such as promoting efficient mechanisms against corruption, fraud and anyother acts that are against moral standards. All these aspects are presented in INSOFT’s Code of Ethics that strengthens the organization’s moral principles and commitments. The Code of Ethics’ reglementations are manadatory for all the parts involved in our company’s activity (management team, administrators, employees, suppliers, partners etc.).
By joining the United Nations Global Compact, INSOFT will focus on integrating into the company’s strategy of development and current operations, responsible activities based on the 10 key principles promoted by the organization. Also, INSOFT will take all the necessary steps to contribute to reaching the development objectives set by the United Nations Organization – Millennium Development Goals.
About United Nations Global Compact
United Nations Global Compact is a strategic initiative dedicated to those organizations that want to align their strategies and actions to the ten universal principles concerning human rights, labour and environment protection and fight against corruption. Thus, the partner companies become the main driver of globalization, helping the techonological and economic progress to benefit the societies all over the world.