INSOFT launches a new set of interactive lessons for 1st grade and 2nd grade students

The subjects of “Mathematics and environmental exploration” for the 1st grade and the 2nd grade and “Communication in Romanian” for the 1st grade, were developed based on the current school curriculum, taking proper account of children’s age particularities.
For the 2014-2015 school year, INSOFT Development & Consulting in collaboration with ALL publishing house, have produced a set of modern digital school textbooks which support and improve the teaching-learning process.
INSOFT provides pupils with 3 digital textbooks – “Communication in Romanian –1st grade”, “Mathematics and environmental exploration –1st grade” and “Mathematics and environmental exploration –2nd grade”. The digital textbooks are available in 2 volumes, one for each school semester. Each volume includes multimedia learning activities that allow the student to learn the subject in-depth, by exploring and playing games.
The digital resources are meant to be additional study tools and can be used in the teaching-learning process both at home – individually and in the classroom. To ease the access to the new interactive educational resources, INSOFT has launched the website, where more details about the digital textbooks and a series of demonstrative lessons are available.
The lessons are original and compelling, engaging pupils in the learning process, with the help of drawings, animations, games and interactive experiments. During the lessons, pupils are attended by friendly characters that explain them their tasks and help them solve exercises, in this way, the subject taught is much more easily assimilated. The acquired knowledge and abilities can be evaluated by the means of simple tests available for each lesson.
The new INSOFT digital textbooks ensure an efficient learning environment that favors the transfer of the acquired skills, in real life, being a useful educational resource both for pupils as well as for modern teachers. The digital educational resources bring many benefits both to pupils, by creating an interactive and fun learning environment that facilitates better learning results, and to teachers that now have the possibility to teach in an attractive and efficient way, adapted to the requirements of the information society” said Florin Burcea, Manager of eLearning Department, INSOFT Development & Consulting.
The textbooks were developed by using the latest technologies (HTML5, JavaScript, CSS 3.0), can be accessed anytime, from any device (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone) and are compatible with any type of browser.