INSOFT –Romanian top performer in the IT industry

Efficiency, perseverance in taking every commercial opportunity and permanent adaptation to market requirements were the key elements that contributed to the development of INSOFT Development & Consulting company, in 2014.
2014 was for INSOFT Development & Consulting a year of consolidation and a step forward in implementing major projects that impact thousands of end users, developing new solutions, attracting European funds, addressing new business areas and obtaining financing for one of the largest IT Pole of competitiveness in Romania - CREVIS.
The development and diversification of activities as well as the addressed markets, were well reflected in the rise of INSOFT’s turnover that reached 31.9 million euros, an increase of 55% compared to 2013. In this context, the company also registered a 33% team expansion and estimates a similar growth for 2015. 
“In this favorable context in which we successfully implemented over 60 projects and won a series of new ones, the good results achieved in 2014 were also based on our efforts for making more efficient the entire business process and the operating activities. In 2015 we will continue to grow by expanding our team of specialists, attracting European funding as well as investing in R&D projects. Research and development activities represent a priority for us since they are one of the main vectors in identifying and developing new solutions” stated Cristian Aciubotăriței, CEO INSOFT Development&Consulting.
According to the most recent published studies, in 2015, the IT market will remain one of the most competitive, both at national and international level, with a growth rate on an upward trend. Taking into consideration the forecast for the IT field, the company estimates a significant growth for 2015 and a turnover of over 45 million euros. A major role in achieving this turnover will be played by: revenues from integrating complete IT system, educational applications, selling the products developed in R&D projects, IT projects addressed to the labor market as well as extending the operations and the client portfolio at regional level.
In 2014 INSOFT started the CREVIS project with an investment of 11 million euros in one of the main Research & Development projects in the region. CREVIS represents an ambitious collection of 7 projects, developed by 13 public and private partners, and aims at creating the first excellence center in Europe for simulation and remote monitoring of critical infrastructures and specialists’ training. The investment includes building a center for training, simulation and conferences that is equipped with a complex cube for immersive virtual reality.
INSOFT is one of the most important complete IT systems integrator in Romania with an accelerated growth rhythm, currently undergoing projects and initiatives that are based on the efficient use of external and internal resources. Presently, INSOFT is implementing projects in Romania, Slovakia and Republic of Moldova following in 2015 the expansion on other international markets from the region. 
INSOFT has received numerous international distinctions, the company being appreciated for innovation, growth potential and a successful business strategy. Among the recent awards we can mention: National Champion in the European Business Awards, Best in Biz Awards 2014 EMEA, Red Herring Top 100 Europe, European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2014 etc.