INVALUE is a modern solution for managing professional and personal competencies for employees as well as for people looking for a job.
INVALUE is suitable for both public and private organizations that are involved in providing consultancy services for the personnel and private companies interested in increasing their own human resources’ potential.
In its standard version, INVALUE features a competencies dictionary, pre-filled according to the current occupational standards that may be updated or modified depending on the organization’s current needs. 
INVALUE users benefit from the following features:

  • Developing and managing the individual profile (a standard CV based on the European format);
  • Recording the professional and educational history by attaching all the supporting documents (diplomas, certificates, recommendations) that endorses the relevant experience;
  • Identifying individuals that match a given  professional profile and are best suited for being engaged in current or upcoming projects;
  • Maintaining a training courses database related to the competence areas that need to be developed for specific professional profiles;
  • Evaluation and self-evaluation of the competencies level acquired by an individual, regarding a specific professional profile or for comparing with the minimum standards that should be achieved;
  • Defining the professional development plan by establishing individual objectives and automatically identifying the right methods to accomplish them, based on the evaluation results. The methods can range from training programs to individual study;
  • Planning and monitoring the training, including the management of the trainees groups;
  • Checking the status of reaching the objectives specified in the professional development plan by the means of the comparative evaluation reports („then” and „now”).

INVALUE version 3.1 is supported on Oracle Database 11g R2, Oracle Weblogic 11g R1, Oracle Linux 6.5, Oracle Solaris 11, Oracle VM 3.0 and with Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, Oracle SuperCluster, Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance, Oracle Database Appliance and Oracle Big Data Appliance.