learnIN – a modern educational solution for the employees’ professional development

INSOFT is one of the main partners of ”HR Play Tech-Marathon”, one of a kind event dedicated to managers from HR field.
Today, on the 29th September 2015, during ”HR Play Tech-Marathon”, experts from INSOFT Development & Consulting give an interactive presentation about the efficient integration of modern technology in the training process.
HR Play Tech 2015 is the first PLAYFUL DESIGN event, which aims to connect the decision makers from the HR field with technology providers. The goal of the event is to present innovative solutions which promote technologies that can help the HR specialists to reach their professional objectives.
As a partner of the event, INSOFT presents the complete eLearning solution – learnIN – that promotes a modern vision for professional training programmes and a paradigm shift -from basic training to employees’ motivation and achieving professional performances. learnIN solution includes an eLearning platform (LCMS – Learning and Content Management System), digital educational content and also an online collaboration and a knowledge evaluation system.
”The learnIN solution supports an efficient learning framework that facilitates the transfer of the acquired skills in the daily activities, and it’s a useful educational tool for the modern employee. The use of digital educational resources brings many benefits both to the employees, by creating an interactive and efficient learning environment where they can gain new professional competences, as well as to HR managers that can organize customized training sessions that can fit a company’s specific needs”, said Florin Burcea, eLearning Department Director at INSOFT Development & Consulting.
learnIN gives the employees the opportunity to strengthen their knowledge, to learn new things and to continually readapt to new job descriptions. Thus, they can actively contribute to their company’s productivity increase. By using modern technologies in the professional training domain, the companies can reduce their budget for training programmes up to 70%.
INSOFT develops a wide range of digital educational solutions that incorporate the latest technologies on the market, implements high impact projects and promotes innovative training solutions dedicated to adults.
It’s the only PLAYFUL event in Romania that challenges the managers in HR field to enjoy a unique learning through play experience The goal of the event is to facilitate the understanding of how the technology can be helpful for the managers, so they can reach they’re professional objectives.
The event is organized like a learning marathon, with rules, challenges and prizes that are specific for an endurance competition.