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INSOFT Development & Consulting is nominated for the third time in the European Business Awards final. Over 32,000 public and private companies, from 33 European countries, competed in the 9th edition of the European Business Awards.
INSOFT Development & Consulting was named National Champion in the European Business Awards (EBA), competition sponsored by RSM...

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The Sustainability Report provides details about the company's activity concerning the social involvement.
Within the 2014-2015 period of time, INSOFT Development & Consulting supported a number of projects with social impact and national coverage both in partnership with several NGOs and through its own campaigns.
"Sustainability is one of the...

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The immersive virtual reality cube is one of the best three-dimensional visualization systems (3D) and the main outcome of the project "Research and Development Centre for the virtual reality applied to critical infrastructures, within the Pole of Competitiveness CREVIS".

"The CREVIS Pole of competitiveness for the economic productivity increase through the innovative...

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The CREVIS pole of competitiveness is a collection of ambitious projects aiming to create the first Center of excellence in Europe dedicated to critical infrastructure monitoring and testing through augmented and virtual reality.

Development, monitoring, control and security of the critical infrastructure, represents currently a major challenge, generated by the dimension and complexity...

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INSOFT supports the CIE Conference 2015, an event dedicated to the development of the calculability field. CIE 2015 is the 11th conference organized by CIE - Computability in Europe

ICT sector is one of the most dynamic in Romania. For INSOFT, innovation in the field and ideas of the young people are the essence of lifelong development. We are involved in several Research and...

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INSOFT is one of the 24 founding members of the UN Global Compact Network Romania, actively supporting sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. 
On May 15, the UN Global Compact Network Romania launch event has been held. Within the event, all the 24 founding organizations, fighting for Responsible Romania have been announced.  

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The CREVIS Pole has joined social media via Facebook and Google+ pages.

The easy access to the information is an essential need in the context of contemporary society. Therefore, the "CREVIS Pole of Competitiveness" aims to facilitate, through an effective online promotion, through modern means related to ICT, the access of the target groups and general public to relevant information...

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The "INSOFT INternship" has reached its fourth edition and addresses students in the final years of study or masters who want to pursue a career in IT.
INSOFT Development & Consulting offers young people, technology enthusiasts the chance to participate in a training camp, in a dynamic company and learn the best practices in the ICT, directly from the experts. The internships...

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Efficiency, perseverance in taking every commercial opportunity and permanent adaptation to market requirements were the key elements that contributed to the development of INSOFT Development & Consulting company, in 2014.
2014 was for INSOFT Development & Consulting a year of consolidation and a step forward in implementing major projects that impact thousands of end...

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Sectoral Operational Programme "Increase of Economic Competitiveness", "Invest in your future"
An innovative development of a technological platform for an adaptive digital educational content creation
Co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund
 S.C. INSOFT Development & Consulting Ltd, headquartered in BUCHAREST, 6th District, 19D...