The project ”Mobile Education” (”MobileEdu”) – demonstrates the usage of mobile technologies and Internet in the educational process

In June, the ”MobileEdu” project team will be publishing end of project outcomes. The project has been run by the Romanian chapter of the ”Internet Society” NGO ( The main objective of the ”MobileEdu” project is to analyze the benefits of introducing mobile technologies in the educational process.
Over a period of 12 months, 40 primary school pupils of ”Adrian Păunescu” school (3rd and 4th grade) from Bucharest experimented with their teachers a new way of learning, using intuition, games and exploration, everything packed in Internet connected tablets. The Internet is a never-ending source of information, shortens distances amongst people, transforms people in both producers and consumers of information and offers both children and teachers endless possibilities of extending their knowledge horizon.
Currently, information is dispersed across the Internet from various sources. For this reason, the Internet is not an educational resource per se; The Internet is more like a set of Lego pieces we can use to build new educational processes. By actively involving teachers, project team, mixing Internet information and fine-tuning the educational resources provided to our children, we created a new way of pleasant learning during the usual classes and turned learning into a fun, interactive and exploratory process.
During the project, school children have learned how to use the Internet in a more efficient and secure way during classes, acquired notions of Internet networking, digital security and web-based communication. Most importantly, they have imagined how tomorrow Internet will look like: “I would like to invent an Internet software we can use to discover life on other planets” – concludes Tudor, 4th grade.
The project has been sponsored by the “Internet Society” NGO (, has been driven by the Romanian chapter – Internet Society Association – and was supported by the following primary partners:

  • “Scoala Gimnaziala Adrian Păunescu”, sector 6, Bucharest – Beneficiary;
  • QuadPlus – Management consultancy, communication, IT infrastructures;
  • INSOFT Development and Consulting – Educational software;
  • Țucă Zbarcea și Asociații – Legal consultancy;
  • Axetel – Security consultancy and web design;
  • Bitdefender – Parental Control.

During the project, developed over one year, the following activities contributing to achieving the project’s objectives and positive results:

  • 15 Internet connected tablets packed with educational resources have been donated to the school. The tablets were used by the students in the target group, during usual classes;
  • Over 40 pupils from the primary school and their teachers have experimented a new way of teaching and learning, based on modern educational resources available in a modern education class: email, text processing software hosted in the cloud, educational software.
  • 18 interactive educational software applications have been tested and successfully used during classes. The LearnIN software package, developed by the company INSOFT Development and Consulting. The interactive teaching classes – “LearnIN” promote the “SMART Learning” principle and have offered to the beneficiary pupils the chance of learning in a fun way. With each “LearnIN” lesson, the kids have the chance of discovering, exploring, and develop new abilities and competencies.
  • To ensure parental control functions and a safe browsing environment, parental control software from Bitdefender Romania has been used, for efficiently managing access to the educational content.

We also wish to thank our secondary project partners:

  • National College ”David Prodan”, Cugir, Alba County – Beneficiary;
  • Microsoft Romania – IT and software infrastructures;
  • Institutul Național de Cercetări Sportive – Medical impact consultancy;
  • Liliana Hadji – Psychological consultancy;
  • Adrian Dumitrescu – Medical impact consultancy;
  • AllView – Tablets provider;
  • Romkatel – Networking assistance partner.