The Research and Development Center for virtual reality applied to critical infrastructures was completed

The project cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund with a total budget of 24,363,785 lei, has as main element the Research and Development center that includes the „immersion virtual reality cube”. The general objective of the investment project within CREVIS Pole is the increase of economic productivity in the critical infrastructures sector and adjacent services, by creating a Research & Development center that uses innovative virtual and augmented reality techniques, along with monitoring techniques, to ensure the safety and maintenance of the isolated objectives of critical infrastructures in Romania, as well as the assigned operational personnel training,  and intervention in these objectives.
The research and development center has 4 buildings that have a multi-functional structure. The 4 buildings are fully equipped and ensure an infrastructure based on the latest technology. Besides the building structure that hosts the virtual reality immersion equipment, the research and development center includes office spaces, venues for training the personnel involved in specific activities, a conference room equipped with audio-video state-of-the-art equipment as well as meeting rooms.
The companies who choose to use the monitoring platform / the augmented reality platform from the Research and Development Center, created within the CREVIS Pole of Competitiveness will benefit of substantially discount of handling costs or special training for critical infrastructures as a result of replacement with the virtual reality environment.
The future beneficiaries will have access to the following main services:

  • Space rental in the Research and Development center;
  • Access to the immersion virtual reality cube;
  • Access to modern IT Solutions – innovative platforms developed within CREVIS Pole;
  • Possibility to organize educational and scientific events in a modern and fully equipped space;
  • Rental of training rooms and access to modern presentation resources;
  • Integrated personnel leasing (software developers / designers in the latest technologies used in the cube, IT specialists in the field of simulation and virtual reality).

The innovative solution developed within the European Regional Development Fund will support the companies that, through their object of activity, are directly or indirectly involved and interact with various critical infrastructure sectors such as:
-      Utilities – high voltage energy distribution networks of industrial water, gas, petroleum products or their derivatives; public transport networks (underground lines, surface transport);
-      Strategic sectors of the economy: strategic road networks, railways, bridges or viaducts, port infrastructure, early-warning radar station, air traffic control, strategic material depots networks, chemical, nuclear or biological agents, telephone networks; relays, radio and TV networks that are in the national or local alert system etc.;
-      Financial system: banks offices, interchange transport networks and ATM money interchange, warehouses;
-      The national energy system;
-      The military system: military communication networks at a strategic and tactical level, military aerodromes installations, military ports, military bases and other locations;
-      Health system: emergency hospital networks; laboratories; medicines’ deposits; medical research centers etc.
About CREVIS Pole of competitiveness
The CREVIS Pole of competitiveness aims to increase the economic productivity in the critical infrastructure sector and related services through a research and development center, that uses innovative techniques of virtual and augmented reality along with real-time monitoring software to ensure the security of critical infrastructures, isolated targets in Romania, their maintenance and training and assistance for operational staff within the Sectoral Operational Programme "Increase of Economic Competitiveness".
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