S.C. INSOFT Development & Consulting SRL Bucharest announces the “Online presence, increased competitiveness!" project closure

INSOFT Development & Consulting, headquartered in 106 Matei Basarab Street, Bld.73, floor 1, Ap. 4 Bis, District 3, Bucharest, Romania, announces the activities closure and project implementation "Online presence, increased competitiveness" co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund according to the financing agreement no. 1679/332 of 30.12.2013, signed with the Ministry for Information Society, on behalf of and for the Ministry of Economy as Managing Authority for Sectoral Operational Programme "Increase of Economic Competitiveness" (SOP IEC).

The total project value was of 559,998.38 lei, VAT excluding, which 328,835.32 lei (VAT excluding) of constitute a financial assistance grant.

The project was implemented in Bucharest within a period of 11 months, starting from 03/01/2014.

The project overall objective was to increase the competitiveness of INSOFT Development & Consulting by developing and implementing a computerized system for the transposition online the company activity, a system including e-commerce solutions.

The project outcomes: development of an e-commerce system (e-commerce platform, online store), hardware and software acquisition, training of 30 users and a company manager for its use and efficient administration. Each component has contributed to the project objectives achievement, turnover and INSOFT competitiveness increase on IT & C market.

The online store can be accessed at http://www.insoft-dc.ro/e-commerce/ and addresses different categories of beneficiaries - pupils, teachers, students, employees, private companies, universities, schools, institutions of public administration, etc. You can purchase here eLearning courses for children, eLearning courses for adults, turnkey software solutions and IT specific services. The online educational resources will help both, pupils and students, as well as adults education, the system contributing actively to the promotion of the Europe2020 strategy goals, on non-formal and informal learning, in order to acquire new skills useful for a better employment process.

The e-commerce system contributes actively to the INSOFT Development & Consulting visibility in the online environment, facilitating the access of potential customers to the products and services provided by the company and increasing this way the sales.

Further details may be obtained from:

Florența Simion – Contact person, project monitoring

Telephone: (+40) 374 023 255; Fax: (+40) 314 370 015