Selection of Projects

Every implemented project has started with a vision based on the innovative solution we have submitted to the client. The success of the undergone projects is based on the expertise and know-how of the INSOFT team of professionals as well as an efficient project management system we use.
Portfolio Selection:

  • The  “Developing Services Quality Management Expert System for Long-Life Training” project aimed at developing an electronic tool and a portal that allows the efficient management of the resources involved in the continuous vocational training of teachers – County School Inspectorates Cluj and Mureș
  • The project has targeted the development and implementation of an E-Education online training platform for DIIP employees to improve overall quality and efficiency of the services provided by the institution. Within the project, INSOFT has provided hardware equipment for 2 database centers and 43 territorial centers, dedicated software infrastructure, learnIN educational platform, development of digital content, technical support, hardware and software warranty, as well as training for using the entire IT solution – Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Department for Intelligence and Internal Protection (DIIP)
  • Purchasing licenses and installation services; the customization of e-Learning - learnIN platform; creating support materials and interactive tutorials for the teaching process; training for the administrators and lecturers; lease, hosting and administration for the hardware platform as well as the e-Learning platform administration – Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company
  • The objective of the “Developing an integrated system to support the management of face-to-face trainings as well as distance learning  and preparation for exams” project is the development of a professional portal for lifelong learning, including a Learning and Content Management System, a video conferencing and content streaming solution, as well as the development of 44 training packs, comprising over 6.000 hours of rich multimedia content – Agency for Lifelong Learning Slovakia (Narodny Ustav Celozivotneho Vzdelavania)
  • The project “Learn SMART with learnIN” concerns the introduction of interactive communication technologies for improving the quality of the educational process by implementing the complete eLearning solution – learnIN which is employed by the teachers and pupils in 216 schools in the pre-university learning system – The Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sports, Ukraine
  • Project “e-Learning platform and e-Content curricula for the upper technical education segment” had as objective the development of an e-learning platform and adequate infrastructure to support it, as well as the development of digital content for technical higher education – the University Politehnica, Bucharest.
  • By implementing the project “Chess in school”, the 3rd and 4th grade pupils have had the occasion to learn about the chessboard as well as to find out the main pieces by using the e-Learning solution. Thus, thanks to the learnIN digital interactive educational content, the pupils have acquired the basic information on chess in a relatively short time, the results of the psycho-pedagogical research showing that the school performances have improved after the programme – The Primary School no. 22 “Mexic”, Bucharest
  • Within the project “eLearning Training – 5 Whys” that had as objective to provide quality professional training for the employees of Renault Romania, INSOFT developed interactive educational content addressing management tools; the digital content has been customized based on the trainees’ typology and their individual training needs – Renault Romania

Emergency situations

  • The EOCES project (Enhancing the operational technical capacities for emergency situations response in Giurgiu - Rousse cross-border area) aimed at providing hardware equipment for the Data Centers and offices, developing an integrated system that included an external web portal and a series of dedicated applications – analysis, GIS, epidemiological modelling, document management, hospital management, data collecting, analysis and reporting – Giurgiu County Council
  • The developed solution for the project “Reducing risks at county level by the means of an efficient communication within the County Committee for Emergency Situations”, aimed at improving the communication of the risk management component of the institutions from Maramures County, involved in responding to emergency situations. The implemented complete solution (IEP) is based on an external and an internal portal and includes components for process modeling, document management and risk management for emergency situations – Maramures County Council
  • The development, testing and implementation of an IT&C system integrated with the one already existing at the Health Insurance House Calarasi in order to monitor and support the decision making process in case of epidemics and other emergency situations concerning public health. The implemented system within the project “Health without borders” consisted of: GIS component, epidemiological modelling component, document management and workflow management component; internal web portal –INSOFT Enterprise Portal and the collecting, analysis and reporting component for specific data to the Silistra region – The Health Insurance House, Călărași

Labour market

  • The SMART project has as objective the increase of the quality, efficiency and transparency of active measures to fight against unemployment by improving the flow of information provided by the Public Employment Service. INSOFT develops, implements and tests the IT system that is the central innovative element of the project. The IT system includes several applications that will meet the requirements and interests of people looking for a job or interested in pursuing their professional development - Caraș-Severin County Employment Agency
  • PPPFCP -The project’s main objective is to improve and support the diversification of the services provided and grant a more simplified access to the trainings organized by public and private organizations, in 4 different regions of development in Romania: Centre, North-West, South-West Oltenia, and South Muntenia. The project generates positive effects supporting the interconnection of the final beneficiaries by the means of an IT system that contribute to the matching of the supply and demand for training - National Center for Vocational Training – National Agency for Employment, Râșnov
  • SEROP has as main objective to increase the quality of the specific services provided on the labour market and the modernization of the Public Employment Service. Within the project, INSOFT is involved in redesigning and redefining the objectives of the Electronic System for Labour Mediation (SEMM) as well as in implementing the activities regarding the project management, business process analysis, defining the specifications for the system’s components, developing, implementing and testing the integrated SEMM and eLearning platform – Olt County Employment Agency
  • The overall objective of the project „Direct Access to PES (ADSPO)” is to improve and diversify the types of services provided to the Public Employment Services’ (PES) clients, by providing an alternative to the classic access to services and to create an integrated IT platform. Within the project, INSOFT contributes to redesigning and redefining the objectives of the Electronic System for Labour Mediation (SEMM), developing self-services, also by  generating recommendations from the platform and correlating the demand for jobs with the employers’ offers and implementing the eLearning “self-service” system for transversal competences identified as most appreciated by the employers – Hunedoara County Employment Agency
  • The project “Integrated measures for modernizing and harmonizing the public employment service’s processes, in order of making more efficient the activity and reducing the time needed for supplying specialized services to the citizens” has as objective to improve the efficiency of 4 county employment agencies. Within the project there will be supplied hardware equipment, software products and training services, 12 „self-service” terminals, 1 online platform for supplying „self-services”, development of an collaborative platform addressed to the 4 county employment agencies, development of a common IT solution/data base, organizing training sessions -Ilfov County Employment Agency


  • The project „Citizens’ access to public information” aims to improve the communication and interaction between the community and the local administration. The project included the development and customization of a software solution for content management and centralized publishing of information on 10 info kiosks and 10 interactive panels, implementing a new interactive map module (GIS), creating maps, including 3D modelling of the historic monuments, public institutions or the other public buildings -3rd District City Hall of Bucharest
  • In the cross-border project „SMEs support by developing an E-business in Timis County and the Serbian neighbor district” an innovative IT platform – E-BUSINESS Portal will be developed and implemented. The project’s main objective is to create a unique point of access to public interest socio – economic information in Timis – Varset region – Socio-Economic Development Agency Timiș – ADETIM