Solutions for efficient integration of technology in the employees’ training process

Brașov hosted one of the most important conferences in the HR field, which took place between 7th and 8th October 2015. Here, specialists in consulting, IT, retail, management and representatives of non-governmental organisations presented modern solutions and new points of view.
INSOFT was Diamond partner of the Profiles International Conference. Cosmin Zah, Executive Director of INSOFT Development & Consulting, gave an interactive presentation about international trends in eLearning and emphasized how INSOFT solutions respond to the new challenges.
To stay relevant in the field and to actively contribute to a company’s performances, whether we’re talking about the private or public domain, it’s necessary that specialists in HR field stay up to date with the latest solutions concerning the employees’ personal and professional development.
It’s also important for the HR specialists to be able to readjust the training programmes so that they can benefit from the latest discoveries in the field. Lately, the eLearning market has known an accentuated growth and an increase trend in mobile device usage (mLearning), as well as a focus on the necessity of accessing customized interactive educational content and the creation of new and unique learning experiences by using virtual and augmented reality. The solutions developed by INSOFT are perfectly adapted to the changing requirements of the beneficiaries and meet international standards in the field.
The technology is useful when it offers support for delivering new and efficient training solutions. Creating a memorable learning experience is one of the key elements of any training programme. By the means of the solutions that were developed and implemented at national and international level, INSOFT contributes to the successful professional development of thousands of employees from various activity domains.
The IT solutions developed by INSOFT addressing the educational and business environment include: learnIN – a complete eLearning solution (LCMS, multimedia & interactive educational content, on-line collaboration instruments), INVALUE – a solution for managing professional and personal competencies for people looking for a job; IEP - Enterprise Portal Solution; BLINK – a complete system for educational management, etc.
 About Profiles International Conference
The event presents a unique concept that reunites representatives from the business field, entrepreneurs, managers, specialists and scientists from HR all over the industries, psychologists, representatives of the Chambers of Commerce, central and local authorities, representatives of consulting companies and renowned international experts from United States of America, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, France, Belgium and United Arab Emirates.