“TeleJob” project started

People looking for a job will now benefit from additional opportunities due to the new services provided by the employment agencies from Bucharest, Teleorman  and Ilfov county.

 “TeleJob” project will be implemented in South - Muntenia and Bucharest – Ilfov regions and its goal is to improve and diversify the types of services provided to unemployed people, by organizing the labour market around Bucharest municipality.

The project is implemented by The County Employment Agency from  Teleorman as the beneficiary, in collaboration with The Employment Agency from  Bucharest, The County Employment Agency from  Ilfov, INSOFT Development & Consulting, Ecotech and Scuola Centrale Formazione as partners.

 “TeleJob” is co-financed by the European Social Fund, through the Sectoral Operational Program “Human Resources Development”, priority axis 4 “Modernization of Public Employment Service”, operation 4.1 “Strengthening the Occupation Public Service’s capacity to provide employment services”.

The total project value 21,348,882 RON, out of which 15,289,409 RON represents non-reimbursable financial assistance (financing contract no. POSDRU/111/4.1/S/100197). 

In this project INSOFT will develop and implement a portal that will facilitate the provision of quality services towards the employment agencies. This portal will represent the communication interface between the employment agencies, employers and people searching for a job.

Thus, according to the information inserted in the portal, the candidates will receive personalized job offers in accordance with their training and experience. People looking for a job will be able to upload their diplomas and certificates relevant for their experience, and then automatically generate a CV on the Europass template, that can be later used to apply for other positions.

Furthermore, the employers will be able to easily promote the available jobs and select the candidates from the database, according to specific criteria like the applicants’ experience and qualification.

The portal, which can be accessed on a great variety of devices -PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones etc., will represent a way of efficiently supporting an increase in the transparency and visibility of the services provided by the employment agencies.

INSOFT Development & Consulting has an extensive experience in portal development, being also one of the main integrators of complete IT&C systems in Romania. The company is providing advanced IT solutions, nationally and internationally, in the fields of government, education, health and business.