Terms and conditions

  1. Introduction

The content of www.insoft-dc.ro is being provided free of charge for information purposes.
www.insoft-dc.ro is the property of INSOFT Development & Consulting S.R.L. The access and the utilization of the website are subject to certain applicable utilization conditions and regulations. By visiting this website, you automatically accept the hereunder terms and conditions. The term “visitor” defines any natural person or organization who accesses this website.

  1. Website information utilization terms

These General Conditions define the utilization terms for www.insoft-dc.ro. Although INSOFT Development & Consulting declares that it has taken all the possible measure to input and keep updated the information on this website, it does not guarantee its accuracy and does not undertake any liability for any error or omission included in the website’s contents.
The utilization and navigation through this website will be performed on the sole responsibility of the user. You may take, read or print any information on this website provided that you include the information on the copyrights and any annotations on property included in any piece of information that you are taking from this website.

  1. Title over the website contents

The contents of www.insoft-dc.ro are protected by the Law 8/1996 on the copyright and related rights, as further amended. The whole contents of www.insoft-dc.ro, including the graphics, images, software and logos are being protected by the Copyright Law and all rights are reserved. All of the rights related to the website pages, contents and presentations are held by INSOFT Development & Consulting. The copying, modification, display, distribution, transmission, publication, marketing, licensing, creation of derived material or utilization of the website’s contents for any purpose without the written permission of INSOFT Development & Consulting is forbidden.
The transmission of any illegal, defamatory, blackening, threatening, obscene, disturbing, provoking, pornographic, improper materials or information that is or may be considered offences against any person or organization, which implies the civil liability or promotes the transgression of the applicable Romanian law, through this website is forbidden.

  1. Legal considerations on the INSOFT Development & Consulting logo

The INSOFT Development & Consulting logo is the property of INSOFT Development & Consulting S.R.L. and is protected by the copyright law. Its utilization is only permitted under the following terms:

  • The INSOFT logo may be used only as a direct link to the front page of the INSOFT Development & Consulting website (www.insoft-dc.ro); any other utilization is forbidden.

    The INSOFT logo may not be used as a link to any page belonging to other website without the previous written permission of INSOFT Development & Consulting.

    It is forbidden to use the logo as a link to the web pages of a different company.

  • The INSOFT logo may not be altered in any way, be it elements regarding the proportions, colors, components, and may not be transformed by being included in animations or other type of presentations.
  • It is forbidden to utilize the INSOFT logo in any website that discredits the name or image of INSOFT Development & Consulting or the products or services provided by it, breaches the legal notes on the intellectual property or other rights of INSOFT Development & Consulting, or breaches the Romanian law.
    The utilization of the INSOFT logo in relation with materials and/or information that comes against the moral norms and values promoted by INSOFT Development & Consulting is forbidden.
  • The INSOFT logo may not be used to indicate relationships with NSOFT Development & Consulting or approvals or sponsorships that have no legal basis.
  • INSOFT Development & Consulting reserves its right to approve or reject the requests made in relation with the use of the INSOFT logo in contexts that come against the policy and values promoted by INSOFT Development & Consulting.
  • The use of the INSOFT logo (in compliance with the above rules and indications) may only take place with links to the information on its utilization terms and conditions.
  • INSOFT Development & Consulting does not provide any guarantee on the use of the INSOFT logo and therefore the company may not be involved in any proceeding related to the logo’s utilization in case that the utilization rules have not been complied with in full. The unauthorized utilization of the logo is not permitted - and INSOFT Development & Consulting reserves its right to initiate legal proceedings against any party that generates losses to INSOFT Development & Consulting through the use of the INSOFT logo.
  • It is forbidden to use the INSOFT logo at a larger scale that the logo of the company that runs the host website, excluding the websites that are the property of INSOFT Development & Consulting. Also, the INSOFT logo may not be displayed on any other website at another scale than the one previously agreed with INSOFT Development & Consulting and may not be placed in barely visible locations on those Internet pages.
  • The above stated terms and rules on the utilization of the INSOFT logo pertain to the terms of use of the INSOFT logo inside web pages and do not pertain to the use of that logo inside other promotional materials. The use of the logo inside other promotional materials is covered by other INSOFT Development & Consulting terms.
  • INSOFT Development & Consulting may change the utilization terms of the INSOFT logo without previous notice.
  1. Information on personal data protection

The current section refers to the visitors’ identification and possibility to contact. The nature of the requested information pertains mainly to the personal data (name, address, phone number, e-mail).
INSOFT Development & Consulting SRL is registered as a personal data operator under number 22493.
Under the Law 677/2001 on the protection of the persons with respect to the processing of the personal data and free circulation of such data, added to and completed by the Law 506/2004 on the processing of the personal data and the privacy protection in the field of the electronic communication, INSOFT Development & Consulting SRL has the obligation to safely manage, for the specified purposes, the personal data that you provide about you, a member of your family or other person. The purpose of this data collection is marketing, advertisement and publicity, statistics and electronic communication services. You have to provide that data as it is needed for the visitor’s identification and/or possibility to contact him/her. The nature of the requested information pertains mainly to personal data (name, address, phone numbers, e-mail).
Your refusal may come under the penalties stated in the Law 677/2001. The recorded information will be used by the operator and is transmitted only to the following addressees: INSOFT partners, public authorities etc.

Under the Law 677/2001, you have the right to access and change the data, the right not to be subjected to an individual decision, and the right to appeal to court. Also, you have the right to challenge the processing of your personal data and require the deletion thereof*. To exercise those rights, you should notify INSOFT Development & Consulting SRL through a dated letter. Also, you have the right to appeal to court. Your data will not be transferred abroad but only upon a written note containing the following elements: classes of data to be transferred and destination country for any class of data.

If any of your data is incorrect, please inform us in the shortest time.
*Any person is entitled, for grounded reasons, to challenge the processing of the personal data. This challenge right may be excluded for certain processing stipulated by the law (e.g. processing performed by the financial and fiscal organizations, Police, Justice, social insurance). Therefore, such exemption cannot apply in case the processing is compulsory;
*Also, any person is entitled to challenge, free of charge and without providing a reason, the processing of the personal data for direct marketing purposes.

  1. Link to other websites

www.insoft-dc.ro may contain links or referrals to other websites deemed useful by INSOFT Development & Consulting in relation with the content of www.insoft-dc.ro and which are not under the control or management of INSOFT Development & Consulting. In case of using such web links or referrals, the general utilization terms of those websites will apply.

  1. Applicable law

The utilization terms and conditions of www.insoft-dc.ro are governed by the Romanian law. The Romanian courts will have exclusive jurisdiction over any claim arising from or in relation with or with reference to the utilization terms and conditions of this website, or any claim in which these utilization terms and/or this website are considered as relevant facts for such disputes.

  1. Force majeure

INSOFT Development & Consulting does not undertake any liability for the impossibility to comply with the obligations under these terms and conditions following any uncontrollable cause including but not limited to acts of God, unfavorable weather, action or inaction by the governments or networks or relevant authorities that are not under the company’s responsibility.

  1. Information security

The visitor acknowledges that INSOFT Development & Consulting cannot control and does not provide any suggestion, guarantee or condition pertaining to the security or content of the information passed through its communication network and over the Internet.
The visitors acknowledge that the information provided by INSOFT Development & Consulting is available on the Internet and the company will endeavor to maintain the information security. Nevertheless, the company cannot guarantee that the information received or sent by the visitor over the Internet will always be safe.

  1.  Limitation of liability

The contents of this website is provided to you “as is” without any guarantee whatsoever either express or implicit.
INSOFT Development & Consulting, the managers, the employees and any party involved in the creation, production and maintenance of the website are not liable for any direct, indirect or incidental loss resulted from the utilization or access of this website.
INSOFT Development & Consulting undertakes no responsibility and will not be liable for any loss or viruses that could infect the visitors’ IT systems upon the access of the website and download of any material, information, and video or audio.
The utilization of this website is fully on your responsibility.

  1.  Acceptance of terms

The visitor acknowledges and accepts these terms and conditions and confirms that he/she has read the above terms and accepts these general utilization conditions. Whenever a user accesses the website, shuffles through it and uses it, he/she implicitly and unconditionally accepts the General Conditions.
The terms and conditions may be changed by INSOFT Development & Consulting at any time. The changes will be notified to the visitors through a note placed on www.insoft-dc.ro. The visitors have to acknowledge and comply with the new provisions of this website’s terms and conditions. The performed changes are deemed to be accepted by the visitor when he/she still chooses to access the website afterwards.

      12.  Cookies

Cookies are files or pieces of information in the form of a very small text file that is placed on an internet user's hard drive (or on other devices like smartphones or tablets). A cookie usually contains the name of the site that sent it, time of expiry, and a specific value, commonly a random generated unique umber.

Aiming to offer customized services, we use cookies to facilitate the storage and the monitoring of users’ preferences. For example, we can use cookies to identify users and to supply information and services based on the preferences from previous visits on our website (a cookie is like an internet user's identification card, which tell a web site when the user has returned). Cookies represent a modern standard, used by most websites. Usually browsers are set to accept cookies. A user can set a browser to show a message whenever a cookies is received and can also refuse to accept cookies. A user has to acknowledge that some sections of our website can’t be properly visualized if the browser doesn’t accept cookies.

Cookies are used to increase the website’s usability and to better adapt our products and services to the clients’ interests and requirements. Cookies can also be used to increase the speed of future interactions with our website. We also use cookies to collect anonymous statistics that allow us to understand how visitors interact with our website which help us improve its structure and its content. These cookies usually store a session ID that is not personally identifiable to users.

If you do not accept these terms and conditions, please do not access this website.