Three nominations for INSOFT Development & Consulting at the "European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2013" final

The nominations were received in the categories Government Solution of the Year, Software Innovation Solution of the Year and Storage/ Information Management Solution of the Year.

INSOFT Development & Consulting was nominated among the finalists companies within the international competition European IT Excellence Awards & Software, the 2013 edition. The achievement is the more so important as this year’s final competition meets 64 representatives of companies from 15 countries.

The IT solutions developed by INSOFT contributed to the success of the two projects nominated within the European final:

• Software packages for electronic access to the Public Employment Services (PESs) and maintenance services within the project POSDRU "DIRECT ACCESS in DK (ADSPO)", client: Employment Agency Hunedoara county;

• Enhancing the technical and operational capacities for response in emergency situations in the cross-border region Giurgiu-Rousse (EOCES), client: Giurgiu County Council.

Each of the two projects was notable thanks to the important results for the end beneficiaries and to the major impact at local and regional levels.

Thus, for the Employment Agency Hunedoara, INSOFT implemented the InValue solution that offered to the client the opportunity to improve and expand the range of services and information offered to end beneficiaries (public institutions involved in the labor market, the unemployed people and employers in the public and private field). With over 21,000 unemployed persons at local level, the objective was to increase the employment rate by means of high-performance services based on cutting-edge technologies.

The general objective of the project implemented by INSOFT for the Giurgiu County Council was to grow the response capacity in case of epidemics and epizootics emergency situations by creating a system for risk and emergency situations management applicable to the Giurgiu-Rousse region. The centralized system integrates a suite of IT applications aiming to increase the cross-border efficiency in order to obtain a prompt reaction and a coordinated response that would contribute to strengthening the capacity of prevision and intervention on the behalf of the public authorities.

"The appointment of INSOFT among the competition’s finalists highlights the fact that we are a strong, professional and competitive IT company at European level. The nominations in the three categories, for two of our most important projects in 2012 is the recognition of our progress and places us in the top of the successful European companies" stated Cristian Aciubotăriței, General Manager INSOFT Development & Consulting.

European IT & Software Excellence Awards is one of the most important events dedicated to the recognition of the excellence of European companies which provide IT&C solutions and services.

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